Rugged, reliable devices.

You want your on-site operations and technology to augment your message, blending seamlessly into the overall experience. ListenUp Production can supply, deploy, and maintain guaranteed reliable devices, whether your site needs 10 or 10,000. We know that different visitor experiences may require different tools, which is why we’ll work with your institution to find out which platforms are best for you.

Whether your institution has the need for audio, multi-media, mobile, or a group tour system ListenUp has the right solution for you.

ListenUp’s state of the art go-to audio devices offer crystal clear, noise-free sound perfect for both individual tours or group excursions. Its sleek, user-friendly design offers a backlit display and soft-touch keypad, and enough charge to offer an 18-hour operation time, which means that our players will last through your entire operating day without needing to be recharged. Its sturdy casing and built-in anti-theft system mean less time spent on upkeep and less money spent on loss prevention.

All mobile tour devices provided by ListenUp come with a one year warranty, as well as, options for ongoing maintenance contracts to handle issues caused by normal wear and tear.

With our technology options, you can guarantee that your guests will spend less time focusing on the technology, and more time focusing on your institution’s story.

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ListenUp Production Technology
ListenUp Production Technology