ListenUp produces a range of audio/visual tour solutions to help institutions captivate and engage with their visitors. Check out the real-world examples below for ideas on how we can help you connect with your audience.

Click on a section for samples of our work:

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Project(s): The Impressionist's Eye
Services Provided: Audio Tour Script, Recording, Production, and Hardware

Since 2018 the Philadelphia Museum or Art has partnered with ListenUp Audio as their exclusive partner for audio tour services for both their permanent collection and selected temporary exhibitions. The Impressionist’s Eye is our first collaboration that has gone from an idea to a script to the final production. Visitors are guided through the exhibition by interviews with the curators, historical quotes from the artists, and closer examination of the artworks. The tour is available for all visitors to the exhibition on our OmniGuide audio tour players.

United States Botanic Garden
Project(s): Audio Tour
Services Provided: Transcription, Audio Tour Production

The US Botanic Garden looked to ListenUp to initially provide transcription services for their exisiting tour who’s script was long lost. We then recorded and produced all new audio tour stops for their tours (both updated and new) that the garden staff wrote themselves.

Historic Charleston Foundation
Project(s): Audio Tour App
Services Provided: Production and iPod casing/charging solution

Museum Hack invited ListenUp Audio to partner with them on the production of a series of audio tours for the Historic Charleston Foundation. Museum Hack brought their irreverent style of interpretation to the script writing process and ListenUp Audio brought our years of experience in recording and producing engaging audio productions. The tours are available via a downloadable app, as well as, picked up at the two featured historic houses on iPods that ListenUp cased, and provided with a mass charging solution.