ListenUp produces a range of audio/visual tour solutions to help institutions captivate and engage with their visitors. Check out the real-world examples below for ideas on how we can help you connect with your audience.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art
Project(s): The Impressionist's Eye
Services Provided: Audio Tour Script, Recording, Production, and Hardware
Since 2018 the Philadelphia Museum or Art has partnered with ListenUp Audio as their exclusive partner for audio tour services for both their permanent collection and selected temporary exhibitions. The Impressionist’s Eye is our first collaboration that has gone from an idea to a script to the final production. Visitors are guided through the exhibition by interviews with the curators, historical quotes from the artists, and closer examination of the artworks. The tour is available for all visitors to the exhibition on our OmniGuide audio tour players.

United States Botanic Garden
Project(s): Audio Tour
Services Provided: Transcription, Audio Tour Production
The US Botanic Garden looked to ListenUp to initially provide transcription services for their exisiting tour who’s script was long lost. We then recorded and produced all new audio tour stops for their tours (both updated and new) that the garden staff wrote themselves.

Historic Charleston Foundation
Project(s): Audio Tour App
Services Provided: Production and iPod casing/charging solution
Museum Hack invited ListenUp Audio to partner with them on the production of a series of audio tours for the Historic Charleston Foundation. Museum Hack brought their irreverent style of interpretation to the script writing process and ListenUp Audio brought our years of experience in recording and producing engaging audio productions. The tours are available via a downloadable app, as well as, picked up at the two featured historic houses on iPods that ListenUp cased, and provided with a mass charging solution.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Project(s): 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show
Services Provided: Audio Tour and Hardware
The Philadelphia Flower Show is an iconic cultural event in Philadelphia since it was started in 1829. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society looks for ways of creating new experiences each year for their enthusiastic members and repeat visitors. For the 2018 show they introduced an audio tour for the first time. ListenUp was approached to record the tour’s narration, provide music and other production elements, and to provide hardware and on-site operations support.

IZI Travel
Project(s): City Walking Tours
Services Provided: Audio Tours
IZI Travel partnered with ListenUp to script, record and produce 92 walking tours of different city and thematic walking tours throughout the United States. These tours are triggered either manually or automatically through the location aware app platform. ListenUp created a combination of general overview walks and deeper delve thematic tours to give listeners a choice in the type of experience they wish to have.

The Whitney Museum of
American Art
Project(s): Whitney Biennial 2019
Andy Warhol - From A to B and Back Again
Services Provided: Spanish Production
In recent years the Whitney has been making it a priority to provide interpretive programs to both English and Spanish speaking visitors. Since 2017, ListenUp Audio has provided Spanish production for both permanent collection based and temporary exhibitions.

Freer|Sackler Galleries
The Smithsonian Institution
Project(s): Freer Thinking Audio App
Services Provided: Translated Audio Production
To coincide with the reopening of the renovated galleries, the Freer|Sackler Galleries decided to create a forward thinking app that is the most accessible-minded app released by the Smithsonian to-date. ListenUp was brought on to record and produce the multiple translated language versions of the tour.

Freer|Sackler AppAvailable for iPhone

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The Dali Museum
Project(s): Audio Tour & Virtual Tour App
Services Provided: Translated Tour Production
ListenUp provided the Portuguese production for the Dali Museum’s mobile tour offering, bringing this important interpretive tool to on-site and virtual visitors alike.

Dali Museum AppAvailable for iPhone

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Watkins Glen State Park
Project(s): Multilingual Tour
Services Provided: App Script Edit & Text Translation
OnCell Systems partnered with ListenUp on this tool to bring interpretive content to English and non-English speakers alike for this state park with location aware content. ListenUp provided script editing services and translation into a number of languages.

Available for iPhone

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Peabody Essex Museum
Project(s): Empresses of China's Forbidden City
Services Provided: Mandarin and English Exhibition Voiceover
The Peabody Essex Museum reached out to ListenUp Audio to provide a voice to the historical figures throughout the exhibition. We provided both English and Mandarin voiceover for use within the galleries.

Naples Botanical Garden
Project(s): Docent Tour
Services Provided: Hardware
ListenUp Audio has provided a hardware solution that has enhanced their popular docent lead tours, while giving them the flexibility to create a self-guided audio tour in the future without needing to source additional equipment.
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
Project(s): Women's Mobile Museum
Services Provided: Hardware
The Women’s Mobile Museum project showcased local artists at a number of community-based locations within Philadelphia. To allow visitors to hear from the artists themselves, the exhibition organizers worked with each artist to write and record their own audio stops. In addition audio descriptive stops were added to help give greater access to the blind and low vision community who were a focal target audience for the exhibition. ListenUp’s OmniGuide technology allowed the PPAC to update new stops to the audio tour on their own as the exhbition evolved.
Tennessee Aquarium
Project(s): Tiny, But Mighty Important exhibit
Services Provided: 3-D Hologram Animation
When the Tennessee Aquarium was looking to replace the Aquarium’s Barrens Topminnow lab exhibit, they looked to Magick Lantern/ListenUp Productions to help them create an impactful cutting edge experience. Using 3-D Hologram projections, the animation shows the impact that erosion into freshwater ecosystems has on the life cycles of the fish and insect populations. “Whenever you introduce something ‘never before seen’ you get people’s attention,” he says. “Once they are captivated by the imagery in 3-D space, we can then show them something that is not only memorable and fascinating, but hopefully will teach them something as well. “The concepts we are conveying about the environment and the impact of poor land use on that world are not easily seen on film or read about in a book. The visual hologram does a much better job of showing and teaching concepts like this one.”
Quantum Magazine
Project(s): Journey to the Birth of the Solar System
Services Provided: 360° Video Virtual Reality (VR)
Magick Lantern/ListenUp Productions helped bring Quantum Magazine viewers to the birth of the solar system via a 360° VR experience. A combination of live footage of host, David Kaplan, and computer animation brings the wonders of the solar system to life. (Film best viewed on mobile device with VR viewer.)
Project(s): Fictional Podcast Series
Services Provided: ListenUp wrote, recorded and produced this 5 star rated fictional podcast series.
On a deserted stretch of highway, Greg and Stacy Carlson stumble on a faint radio broadcast at the end of the AM dial. What sounds like your average radio sermon reveals itself to be something far more sinister. Strangely fascinated, Greg becomes obsessed with investigating the source of the broadcast. His subsequent disappearance leaves Stacy alone, bewildered, terrified…and on a quest for the truth.


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Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Project(s): Boo at the Zoo
Services Provided: Animated Video Production
Magick Lantern/ListenUp Productions created a series of computer-animated videos to promote the Zoo’s annual Boo at the Zoo Halloween events.

Chattanooga Visitor Bureau
Project(s): In a State of Joy
Services Provided: Video Production
The Chattanooga Visitor Bureau turned to to Magick Lantern/ListenUp Productions to create an inspiring video to showcase the natural and cultural attractions that can be found within the city. & other Publishers
Project(s): Audio Books
Services Provided: Recording and Production
ListenUp has made a name for itself for recording and producing award winning audio books for, Hachette Audio, Penguin/Random House, Harper Audio, and Indie Publishers for over a decade. The following is just a small sampling of the large library of titles we have worked on.